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 Our story is no different to many others in Alternative Investments – To make a success by providing the best investment plan to their clients that fulfills their needs, which exceeds their expectations and matches their financial goals, on time every time.    

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Short Term Investments | Managed FX Fund

We are proud to facilitate introductions into a successful managed Forex trade program, working alongside real industry professionals and representatives who offer the highest level of integrity and performance to our clients.

Return potentials

We can offer one of our FX Investment plans or tailor an investment plan based on your goals and objectives.  Returns will vary depending on the amount of capital (Contribution) invested and your attitude to risk. In summary, the investment plans on offer will provide clients with a range of monthly incomes. For example : starting at 12% per year, paid monthly, for an investment of £30,000  – the minimum return would be £3600.00

Your involvement and Security

The Managed Forex Fund is a passive income-based investment plan which provides clients with a market-leading level of capital protection and security. Your funds will be held by a Tier 1 liquidity provider, of which this service is completely managed by experienced Regulated professionals. This provides you with complete transparency in the Money management process for your peace of mind at all times.

Your liquidity

Historically a client’s funds are held with the Liquidity provider for a period of 12 months which is considered to be a short term investment plan, however in some circumstances, a bespoke plan can be facilitated and arranged based on your needs. You can either choose to receive the monthly returns as an income or allow the returns to be compounded each month for even higher yields.

Future opportunities

Once you are a client in the managed Forex investment plan, you may decide following your initial monthly returns that you would like to increase your investment – this can be achieved upon your request and readiness. We may also present you with new opportunities and routes into evolving Forex Investment plans that our service providers offer as and when they become open in the Forex and Alternative Investment markets. We our completely committed to offer the highest levels of service with full confidence to our clients, and we look forward to sharing information with you regarding this outstanding opportunity.

Invest2Forex Liquidity Provider

Process of Client Funds

Each client will be presented with a managed FX agreement from the Platform, who for the purposes of the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), have partnered with two very reputable Forex Market leaders –  Namely ATFX  and CFH Clearing Ltd.

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